Henric Dryson

*DECEASED* Captain of Hamburn Militia


While Henric was not born and raised in Hamburn, most of the locals consider him a native. Henric was transferred to the position of mayor of Hamburn because of his tactical guile. The Goblin War took a toll on the riverside community and King Thalmere Blackwood did not want to risk being unprepared again.

Dryson was a captain in the Aptos army. Some say that he talked his way up the ranks, but anyone studying his service record knows his title was earned. Dryson’s planning was instrumental in obtaining victory in several small skirmishes with the neighboring states. King Blackwood saw the natural leader in him and declared him lord of Hamburn. The community had since lost their leader during the Goblin War and had been running a town council to make decisions. Henric’s presence was at first unwanted, but he made it clear that he did not intend to change their way of life, merely to protect it. Henric trained their militia to defend the town and implemented several emergency signals and procedures to guard against another goblin incursion.

Rumors have spread through the town over the last year that Henric was to he assigned to a new city being built to the north, but he would neither affirm nor decline these claims. Unfortunately, such a future is no longer possible. While the faceless’ assault on the town was repelled, the push into the hills to stop the source of their madness was less joyful. The heroes were able to press through a hobgoblin ambush, but Henric fell on the battlefield. It was a bittersweet victory as the town lost one of their most beloved people. As Henric’s second in command, Kavous now stands as the people’s leader. He has big shoes to fill.

Henric Dryson

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