States of Enchantment

Where Do We Go From Here

Barrick, protected from the attempt on his life, hire's our heroes as escorts to take his lovely assistant Adara on a diplomatic mission.

Barrick has the party take his assistant, Adara, to Heartknell to negotiate the second phase of his plan. On the road the party hears a fight in the forest on their right. They ignore and keep riding forward. A little ways up the road two humanoids with glowing yellow eyes emerge from the same forest and spot the wagon. They attack. The party kills them and finds a letter warning the recipient to be careful if he goes to the spot on the attached map located in Marynmar, the Lich Lily Bog. It also mentions a rally point in the forest near there.

The party continues and drops Adara off at Heartknell. She tells them it could be a while and she’ll get in touch when she’s ready to return to Aptos. Neera and Oren go to Neera’s old, burned-down village. After that the party goes to the swamp location from the map and find some ruins.



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