States of Enchantment

The Enemy of My Enemy is... My Enemy?

Thrask approaches with news that the other goblin tribes are rallying behind a mysterious champion.

A few days after the raid while the heroes are once again taking it easy over a mug of their preferred beverage, Henric enters the tavern and requests their presence outside. As they walk toward the town gate they can see Thrask approaching surrounded by 8 armed goblins, one of which is carrying a white flag. The party meets them outside the gate and are informed that the other goblin tribes are rallying behind a mysterious champion. One of Thrask’s spies has gone missing while searching for the champion. He suggests Hamburn investigate in case they mean to start another war. The party is assigned the mission (for appropriate compensation) and they depart.

The quickest route to the goblin’s camp as indicated by Thrask is through a large swamp in the hills. The party makes camp on an isolated hill in the middle of the swamp and are attacked by zombies in the night. The zombies are wearing tattered Hamburn tabards and armor. The fight goes well and in the morning they continue to the goblin and hopefully their champion. As they move through some reeds they overhear goblins talking about finding a “magic stick” and, after some conversation, are directed to go to a cave above the goblin village to pay homage to the master.

The party moves through the goblin village and are attacked. After dealing with the annoyance they make their way up the hill to what appears to be an old mine shaft. They use the mine elevator and go down to explore the mine. In the far corner they find a makeshift prison housing an emaciated goblin that claims to be one of Thrask’s. She tells them there is a hidden passage on the top floor leading to the champion’s room. The party takes her outside and then confront the champion who turns out to be one of Phink’s rivals from the mage guild in Aptos. After a grievous blow to Emerick the party captures the wizard posing as a goblin and bring him to Hamburn for justice.



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