States of Enchantment

Stocks and Vagabonds, Part 2

Rumor has it that the thieves guild use a house as a cover for an entrance to their operations. This house is occupied by a cute old couple.

Sir Derrick sends the party to scout a house they believe the shipment of goods was being delivered to. It Kay be a front for the thieves guild. The street in front of it has normal traffic, so Emerick and (chris’s gnome) go to the door posing as door to door preachers for Obad Hai. They force their way inside despite the old man declining interest. They continue to proclaim the glories of Obad Hai while searching the house. Eventually the man has had enough and fetched his sword. His wife begins hitting Emerick with a ladel. The party rushes in and extracts the two trespassers before someone is hurt.

Outside, oren hears the man through the door whisper “that was too close.” Akyrin sneaked in a window and hears the couple boinking in the bedroom. The rest of the party follows her into the kitchen where there is a trap door in the floor. The door leads to a sewer system where they encounter Esmeralda in a pit that Cake had fallen into. With those two in tow, they proceed down the tunnel to find Kywin, the leader of the thieves guild, at the end of a hallway. She blows them a kiss and closes the door. The party hears a rumble and runs away as a wall of water rushes toward them. Oren nearly frowns and falls unconscious. Charn saves him and brings his elf body out of the water. They ask the party to not tell anyone.

As they climb back into the house they ate confronted by the old couple who are retired thieves. The woman is killed and the man taken prisoner back to Derrick.

After torturing the poor fellow, they learn that the thieves guild is planning a heist at the museum.



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