States of Enchantment

Stocks and Vagabonds

After escorting the goblin "champion" to Aptos, the party falls into the employ of Sir Derrick, Aptos' captain of the guard that has a mission to route the thieves guild.

Henric asks the party to escort the “goblin champion” back to Aptos for trial. They are also instructed to bring a captured thief also. In the middle of the night on their journey the group is attacked by air elementals. The thief attempts to escape but is tackled by Roderick.

After arriving in Aptos the prisoners are delivered to Sir Derrick. When he receives the thief he asks the party if they wouldn’t mind doing him another favor, for pay of course. There have been a lot of imports through the thieves guild recently, and he’s not sure why. Word is another shipment is do in tomorrow. He asks the party to intercept it and any documents with it. They very capably do so and acquire a page ripped from a book detailing a very dark time coming soon.



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