States of Enchantment

High Society

Due to the quality of their work with Sir Derrick, a local politician, Barrack Amabar, hires our heroes as security for a gala.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

When our intrepid heroes next meet with Sir Derrick he informs them that a noble has taken note of their expedience and expertise and wants to hire them. His name is Barrick Amabar and is a notable politician in Aptos. He has a grand vision that will set the stage for unification of the states in Hiraan once again. The first phase requires a trade embargo be issued against Valt, the country to the south. He’s received several death threats since the embargo was enacted and hires the party as security at an upcoming gala.

Roderick poses as a statue and the rest of the party mingles. During Barrick’s speech the attack happens. Akyrin had gone outside with a man she noticed was carrying a dagger. When the attack happened he draws it and heads inside. Akyrin stabs him in the kidney and joins the fight. After fending off the attackers Barrick notices the stabbed man and rushes to him. He was a friend and was going in to help. Barrick thanks the party and asks them to return the next day; he has another job for them.



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