States of Enchantment

Goblin Problems Come to Bear

Goblins haven't ventured this close to the town since the Goblin War 50 years ago.

For one reason or another all of our heroes find themselves at the inn of a small riverside community named Hamburn. A handsome man bounces around the room talking to everyone while a meek teenager attempts to woo the barmaid. Suddenly the mayor, Henric Dryson, enters quickly and asks for the aid of anyone with combat experience. It seems that there has been a goblin raid on one of the outlying farmhouses. While the mayor assembles the militia, fearing another war, our heroes investigate the disturbance. They find a dead farmer with crudely tended wounds. It seems the only things taken were supplies. Following a trail south from the farmhouse they discover a small band of goblins huddled around a fire on the edge of Dimshadow Woods. The goblins admit to the raid but only because they are starving. A large furry beast with claws has run them out of the cave they call home. They promise there will be no more raids if the cave is cleared. The heroes march dutifully into the woods for a couple hours when they hear tipping to their left. A band of kobolds have a cave surrounded. After vending off the dog-like creatures, a wounded wolf is found inside guarding a dead elf. Roderick heals its wounds and it accompanies them on their journey. The party continues down the trail and eventually comes across the goblin’s cave. A large brown bear approaches behind them after they enter and is quickly decapitated by Emerick. With the bear’s head as proof, the goblins return to their cave. The party returns to town to give the mayor the good news.



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