States of Enchantment

Gilt, Guilt, Tomato, Tomato

Based on information gleaned from the interrogation of the old man, the thieves are going to hit the museum. Tomorrow.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Tyler

Knowing that the thieves are going to hit the museum the party sets up a stake out. While everyone else is scouting the building, Akyrin heads to the thieves guild to speak with Kywin. Akyrin asks Kywin about the museum and she tilts her head in curiosity. Kywin tells her that it’s none of her business and Akyrin leaves.

That night the party occupies the second floor with guards on the first and waits for the thieves to enter. When they arrive a battle ensues. Several paintings are stolen, but the most valuable pieces of art are protected. Oren comes out of wolf form and throws a spear as the thieves climb into thee wagon, but it strikes the ground. As the horses pull the cart away, Neera jumps out the window and gives chase. Several arrows are fired back and forth, and eventually only the driver is left. Neera shoots the horse, toppling the cart and sending the rider flying.

Two of the six paintings are destroyed, but overall the mission is a success. Unfortunately the party is not able to follow the thieves back to their hideout. Akyrin, through Cale, tells Derrick how to get to the thieves guild. Derrick suggests an immediate assault before they have time to prepare.



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