States of Enchantment

Familiar Faces

A murder appears to have been committed by none other than Henric Dryson, the town's leader... but that can't be right.

Once again in the tavern, Lieutenant Aeotan from Aptos shows Myathas the proper way to woo the barmaid. Her fiance, David (son of the town hero), is not pleased and confronts him. A brawl starts and David and Lieutenant Aeotan step outside, not wanting to sully their reputations. A short time later Rebekah, another bar owner, comes in saying there’s been a murder. The party investigates and finds no trace of the killer, but witnesses say it was David. Henric asks the party to return in the morning to begin work on the case.

The next day there is a trial and while people say they saw David commit the murder, a magical chalice that glows when a lie is told in its presence confirms that David did not kill Aeotan. The villagers leave puzzled. After some thorough questioning of the townsfolk the only person unaccounted for is Myathas. The party goes to his house only to find it’s been blocked off by Hamburn militia under the command of Captain Alsted. He refuses to allow them access to the house and they return to town. That night when the captain and most of the men have returned to town the party goes back to Myathas’ house and discover several kobolds hiding inside. In a chest they find a journal mentioning a plot to poison Henric so Alsted can take his position. It also says that Carla, the barmaid, is to be taken to a temple in the woods to the north so that Myathas can have her for himself.

The party rushes back to town to warn Henric, but it’s too late. The poison has set in and Carla has been taken. Fortunately Akyrin used one of the magical tears the party found on Henric to heal him. They then head north to the ruined temple, Bloodstone Priory, to save Carla. At the priory Akyrin and Neera take a golden sickle and amber bowl off an altar and plan to sell them. They then go to the basement/crypts and confront Myathas who is really Yzdrok, a doppelganger! They slay the beast and return to Hamburn with Carla. On the way back Akyrin and Neera begin feeling ill. Turns out that the sickle and bowl are cursed. They make a journey back to the temple and return the items to the altar which cures them.



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