States of Enchantment


A source has revealed the location of the thieves guild. Our heroes and Derrick decide to storm it and are met with surprising preparedness.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Stephen, Tyler

The party and a contingent of guards under the command of Sir Derrick head into the sewers toward the thieves’ guild. Unbeknownst to everyone, Akyrin has gone ahead and disabled all of the traps. When they arrive at the guild they are met with several thieves poised to attack, but waiting for the command of Kywin who is standing behind a pair of barrels. She thanks Akyrin for warning her that the cops were close to finding them. The museum heist was a signal. Kywin was able to get a majority of their supplies and goods moved. She says her farewells and ducks down a hallway while several flaming bottles of alcohol are lobbed at the intruders from the bar. The two men in the bar throwing them at the party are quickly removed by a firey blast from Emerick causing the bar to erupt in flames and throwing the two thieves from it.

The party and guards quickly deal with with the thieves. in the main room. The guards begin scouring the area while the party chases down Kywin. They find her in a storage room filled with a maze of crates. She talks to them while they search the darkness for her. She tells them how she is on their side and trying to do what she can to help the city. They don’t understand how bad the crime would be without her there to keep it in check. She knocks out Akyrin and Emerick before fleeing the room. While she is taunting the party her second in command, a vicious looking human, is busy trying to destroy Oren and Roderick. They take him down and chase Kywin out of the room. She has knocked out two of the guards stationed in the main room and escaped through a secret door down the other hallway. The party follows her up the long, ascending hallway behind the door and appear in a warehouse. There is no sign of Kywin.

Derrick thanks the group for their help despite the fact that they were unable to capture the leader. He thinks the city will be a better place.



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