The Great War

This defining moment in the Hiraan’s history occurred approximately 400 years ago. King Shael, the ruling entity at the time, has long had his name spat upon for driving this great nation into the dirt.

Before the war, the enormous peninsula was united under a single banner. Trade was prosperous, cities flourished, and the only major threats came from the untamed lands to the south and Decentis across the sea. Even the more reclusive races such as the elves and feyfolk had begun emerging and sharing in the prosperity.

One fateful day, an edict was issued by Shael that all non-humans needed to register themselves. The idea was presented under the guise of a census and most humanoids agreed to the tally. Several of these registrants soon began disappearing. The ones living nearer the capital were the first to go. Many protested that the Shael was not doing his duty as ruler to keep the citizens safe. Their cries were net with harsher taxes. Lyria prospered while the rest of the country fell to squallor. The elves once again retreated to the wilds leaving the unstable humans to fend for themselves.

Riots began. Small at first, but within a year or two most of the country was allied against the tyrant king. There was fighting in the streets and thousands were killed by the Kong’s men. Many of the nobles, supportive of the higher taxes, offered their personal armies to the king. The militia were repelled at first, but eventually the churches stepped in proclaiming that the King’s acts were unjust and that he should be deposed. St. Cuthbert’s and Heironeous’s followers were the first to aid the rebellion. With the aid of their paladins and clerics the people were able to push Shael’s forces almost to Lyria itself.

As the peasant army approached the Lyria ¦ Shining City, fear gripped their hearts. From the mighty gates marched an endless regiment of what appeared to be golems. Half-metal, half-wood they marched in perfect unison. The sound of their weapons being unsheathed was perfectly unified as though a sword the size of a city had been drawn from a colossal scabbard. The warforged army marched forward dispersing the assault and continued through the countryside razing all known tenants of the resistance. Shael commanded the army from the rear, pointing in a direction and shouting orders past the end of his golden scepter.

Eventually an assassin was able to infiltrate the camp and take Shael’s life, and soul, during the night. With his death the warforged stopped dead in their tracks. Bolstered by this enormous victory, the remaining militia made short work of the rest of the Kong’s men and the nobles that supported him. All of the warforged were dismantled and melted down so they could never again march against the people.

With the king dead, the subject of succession cake to the table. He did not have any heirs and the people wanted a change anyway. Much in-fighting took place over who should have the right to the throne. The common enemy having been defeated, several leaders turned on each other sparking another war between the states. The idea of Lyria as a capital was abandoned and many of the more prosperous cities claimed their surrounding land for themselves. Attempts have been made since then to restore the old unification, but they have all failed. The High Throne remains empty to this day.

The Great War

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