Sorradar is the westernmost continent of Illistera and one of the two larger land masses on the planet. Several races make their home here, but some have become much more prominent in different regions than others.

The empire of Hiraan occupies the northern portion of the continent, or the “dragon’s snout.” Hiraan united nearly the entire peninsula under a single banner for several hundred years. Alas, the peace was shattered in the span of a single ruler: King Shael. This human-centric civilization is now made of individual states controlled by the more powerful cities. Lyria’s influence has been withdrawn from all but its immediate vicinity, and the throne sits empty, awaiting a new ruler. Many other races can be found in this region, among them dragonborn, cathar, and the more traditional races.

Nearer the “heart” of the dragon rests the seat of the mighty Rynadaar empire. These hybrid children known as dragonborn rule with the tyrannical oppression of Hextor as their guide. In their eyes any not of dragon blood are lesser beings.

The wildest part of the continent that has been recorded is the NW region, or the “shoulder.” This area seems largely incapable of supporting a flourishing society due to the many natural hazards (swamps, vales perpetually shrouded in mist, and rocky crags) as well as the current denizens (hags, trolls, and much deadlier creatures). The few settlements in the area are populated only by the most hearty individuals.

The southern “feet” have not been thoroughly explored. Rumors abound of vicious jungles, odd inhabitants, and ritual sacrifices.

Beneath all of these locales lies a vast network of interconnected caverns and passages known as the Underdark. While there are more accounts from there than the southern jungles, no one has been able to accurately map the twisting, lightless passages. What has been verified is the presence of dark elves, illithids, beholders, and more terrible creatures taking up residence in the lower reaches of the caves. It is rumored that if you can avoid getting lost or starving it is possible to travel between continents using the tunnel system.

The current empires are far from the first. Ancient civilizations have left traces of cities and secrets across the land for those who care to look. Many cities have been built on the ruins of older ones.


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