Eye of Al Ghautra

The Burning Eye of Al-Ghautra is a giant flaming eye that appears atop a mountain. It can cause anything it sees to burst into magic flames. The sun itself is the energy source for the Burning Eye. Creating it requires unnaturally clear atmospheric conditions.

There are two triggers to create the Eye. The first is a 3-foot-wide lens made of purest diamond and ensorcelled to magnify the sun’s rays. The diamond lens was broken into three parts after the last creation of the Burning Eye centuries ago. One shard was under protection of the Church of Pelor and the other was hidden in the desert far to the north. The third shard had been thought to have been lost. The other trigger element is a location. The Burning Eye of Al-Ghautra will emerge only above a mountain that’s at least 15,000 feet tall.

Once the reassembled diamond lens is brought to the mountaintop and the strong rays of the sun shine through it, the Burning Eye begins to form. The lens fl oats in midair a few feet above the peak, and over the course of the next 10 minutes, a massive eyeball composed of bright flame appears 100 feet above the mountain peak. Once the Burning Eye forms, the magic event is active and no longer requires good weather above the mountain peak. Anyone looking through the diamond lens can clearly see a circular area with a 40-foot radius, even if it’s hundreds of miles away. As long as line of sight exists from the Burning Eye to the target area, it can be viewed through the lens.

When cultists last lit the Burning Eye of Al-Ghautra several centuries ago, heroes affiliated with the church of Pelor eliminated the eye by reaching the mountain summit and breaking the diamond lens.

Eye of Al Ghautra

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