Character Creation

All abilities start at 8. Use a 32 point buy. For those unfamiliar this means increases cost the following amount of points:
9-14 +1/rank
15-16 +2/rank
17-18 +3/rank
You may not exceed 18. Apply racial modifiers after your buy.

You may pick any race with a +0 or +1 level adjustment. No races with hit dice allowed.

Pick whatever you want. You obviously have to meet any prereqs.

I’d prefer you not be evil, but I’ll allow it. Expect to be in conflict with the party and have a very short life. On that note, I will not allow plotting against or stealing from the party unless it’s been discussed at the table and everyone is agreeable to the idea.

I request at least a page of typed bio of your character. What are the highlights of your character’s past? Where has he been? Are his parents alive? I want you to flesh your character out so we don’t have a bunch of stat blocks roaming around Illistera. How does your character support herself? You can have just about any sort of history you want, so have fun with it. The more effort you put into your character the better I’ll know your character and the better I’ll be able to work with you. This is also your chance to put effective history (history that might come into play during the campaign) into your character. A childhood rivalry, an ancient curse placed on your family line… you name it and we can probably work something out. These bios will have in-game effects that will be very important not just to your character but to you as a PC.

If you include what your character (and thus you) would like to accomplish, it will help me guide the campaign in the direction of FUN for everyone playing. Let’s look at Sevenar as an example. His goals are the following:


  • Free Malanis from imprisonment (completed)
  • Create his own spell
  • Obtain an artifact or other magical device from an ancient civilization
  • Converse directly with a deity (completed)
  • Obtain a permanent (and private) sanctum for magical study and experimentation
  • Build a golem


  • Achieve complete knowledge and mastery of all things arcane

Character Creation

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