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    [[Characters]] [[Storyline]] [[Home Page]] [[Main Page]] [[Aptos]] [[Dimshadow Woods]] [[Eye of Al Ghautra]] [[Faceless]] [[The Great War]] [[Hamburn]] [[Illistera]] [[Sorradar]] h4. CAMPAIGN [[Character Creation]] [[DM Rulings]] [[ …

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    *ABILITIES* All abilities start at 8. Use a 32 point buy. For those unfamiliar this means increases cost the following amount of points: 9-14 +1/rank 15-16 +2/rank 17-18 +3/rank You may not exceed 18. Apply racial modifiers after your buy. *RACE* …

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    Any rulings made during a game session about how something works will be posted here. If I make a ruling that is contradicted by the text, please post a reply and we'll get it figured out.

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