States of Enchantment

Gilt, Guilt, Tomato, Tomato
Based on information gleaned from the interrogation of the old man, the thieves are going to hit the museum. Tomorrow.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Tyler

Knowing that the thieves are going to hit the museum the party sets up a stake out. While everyone else is scouting the building, Akyrin heads to the thieves guild to speak with Kywin. Akyrin asks Kywin about the museum and she tilts her head in curiosity. Kywin tells her that it’s none of her business and Akyrin leaves.

That night the party occupies the second floor with guards on the first and waits for the thieves to enter. When they arrive a battle ensues. Several paintings are stolen, but the most valuable pieces of art are protected. Oren comes out of wolf form and throws a spear as the thieves climb into thee wagon, but it strikes the ground. As the horses pull the cart away, Neera jumps out the window and gives chase. Several arrows are fired back and forth, and eventually only the driver is left. Neera shoots the horse, toppling the cart and sending the rider flying.

Two of the six paintings are destroyed, but overall the mission is a success. Unfortunately the party is not able to follow the thieves back to their hideout. Akyrin, through Cale, tells Derrick how to get to the thieves guild. Derrick suggests an immediate assault before they have time to prepare.

Stocks and Vagabonds, Part 2
Rumor has it that the thieves guild use a house as a cover for an entrance to their operations. This house is occupied by a cute old couple.

Sir Derrick sends the party to scout a house they believe the shipment of goods was being delivered to. It Kay be a front for the thieves guild. The street in front of it has normal traffic, so Emerick and (chris’s gnome) go to the door posing as door to door preachers for Obad Hai. They force their way inside despite the old man declining interest. They continue to proclaim the glories of Obad Hai while searching the house. Eventually the man has had enough and fetched his sword. His wife begins hitting Emerick with a ladel. The party rushes in and extracts the two trespassers before someone is hurt.

Outside, oren hears the man through the door whisper “that was too close.” Akyrin sneaked in a window and hears the couple boinking in the bedroom. The rest of the party follows her into the kitchen where there is a trap door in the floor. The door leads to a sewer system where they encounter Esmeralda in a pit that Cake had fallen into. With those two in tow, they proceed down the tunnel to find Kywin, the leader of the thieves guild, at the end of a hallway. She blows them a kiss and closes the door. The party hears a rumble and runs away as a wall of water rushes toward them. Oren nearly frowns and falls unconscious. Charn saves him and brings his elf body out of the water. They ask the party to not tell anyone.

As they climb back into the house they ate confronted by the old couple who are retired thieves. The woman is killed and the man taken prisoner back to Derrick.

After torturing the poor fellow, they learn that the thieves guild is planning a heist at the museum.

Stocks and Vagabonds
After escorting the goblin "champion" to Aptos, the party falls into the employ of Sir Derrick, Aptos' captain of the guard that has a mission to route the thieves guild.

Henric asks the party to escort the “goblin champion” back to Aptos for trial. They are also instructed to bring a captured thief also. In the middle of the night on their journey the group is attacked by air elementals. The thief attempts to escape but is tackled by Roderick.

After arriving in Aptos the prisoners are delivered to Sir Derrick. When he receives the thief he asks the party if they wouldn’t mind doing him another favor, for pay of course. There have been a lot of imports through the thieves guild recently, and he’s not sure why. Word is another shipment is do in tomorrow. He asks the party to intercept it and any documents with it. They very capably do so and acquire a page ripped from a book detailing a very dark time coming soon.

Familiar Faces
A murder appears to have been committed by none other than Henric Dryson, the town's leader... but that can't be right.

Once again in the tavern, Lieutenant Aeotan from Aptos shows Myathas the proper way to woo the barmaid. Her fiance, David (son of the town hero), is not pleased and confronts him. A brawl starts and David and Lieutenant Aeotan step outside, not wanting to sully their reputations. A short time later Rebekah, another bar owner, comes in saying there’s been a murder. The party investigates and finds no trace of the killer, but witnesses say it was David. Henric asks the party to return in the morning to begin work on the case.

The next day there is a trial and while people say they saw David commit the murder, a magical chalice that glows when a lie is told in its presence confirms that David did not kill Aeotan. The villagers leave puzzled. After some thorough questioning of the townsfolk the only person unaccounted for is Myathas. The party goes to his house only to find it’s been blocked off by Hamburn militia under the command of Captain Alsted. He refuses to allow them access to the house and they return to town. That night when the captain and most of the men have returned to town the party goes back to Myathas’ house and discover several kobolds hiding inside. In a chest they find a journal mentioning a plot to poison Henric so Alsted can take his position. It also says that Carla, the barmaid, is to be taken to a temple in the woods to the north so that Myathas can have her for himself.

The party rushes back to town to warn Henric, but it’s too late. The poison has set in and Carla has been taken. Fortunately Akyrin used one of the magical tears the party found on Henric to heal him. They then head north to the ruined temple, Bloodstone Priory, to save Carla. At the priory Akyrin and Neera take a golden sickle and amber bowl off an altar and plan to sell them. They then go to the basement/crypts and confront Myathas who is really Yzdrok, a doppelganger! They slay the beast and return to Hamburn with Carla. On the way back Akyrin and Neera begin feeling ill. Turns out that the sickle and bowl are cursed. They make a journey back to the temple and return the items to the altar which cures them.

The Enemy of My Enemy is... My Enemy?
Thrask approaches with news that the other goblin tribes are rallying behind a mysterious champion.

A few days after the raid while the heroes are once again taking it easy over a mug of their preferred beverage, Henric enters the tavern and requests their presence outside. As they walk toward the town gate they can see Thrask approaching surrounded by 8 armed goblins, one of which is carrying a white flag. The party meets them outside the gate and are informed that the other goblin tribes are rallying behind a mysterious champion. One of Thrask’s spies has gone missing while searching for the champion. He suggests Hamburn investigate in case they mean to start another war. The party is assigned the mission (for appropriate compensation) and they depart.

The quickest route to the goblin’s camp as indicated by Thrask is through a large swamp in the hills. The party makes camp on an isolated hill in the middle of the swamp and are attacked by zombies in the night. The zombies are wearing tattered Hamburn tabards and armor. The fight goes well and in the morning they continue to the goblin and hopefully their champion. As they move through some reeds they overhear goblins talking about finding a “magic stick” and, after some conversation, are directed to go to a cave above the goblin village to pay homage to the master.

The party moves through the goblin village and are attacked. After dealing with the annoyance they make their way up the hill to what appears to be an old mine shaft. They use the mine elevator and go down to explore the mine. In the far corner they find a makeshift prison housing an emaciated goblin that claims to be one of Thrask’s. She tells them there is a hidden passage on the top floor leading to the champion’s room. The party takes her outside and then confront the champion who turns out to be one of Phink’s rivals from the mage guild in Aptos. After a grievous blow to Emerick the party captures the wizard posing as a goblin and bring him to Hamburn for justice.

Goblin Problems Come to Bear
Goblins haven't ventured this close to the town since the Goblin War 50 years ago.

For one reason or another all of our heroes find themselves at the inn of a small riverside community named Hamburn. A handsome man bounces around the room talking to everyone while a meek teenager attempts to woo the barmaid. Suddenly the mayor, Henric Dryson, enters quickly and asks for the aid of anyone with combat experience. It seems that there has been a goblin raid on one of the outlying farmhouses. While the mayor assembles the militia, fearing another war, our heroes investigate the disturbance. They find a dead farmer with crudely tended wounds. It seems the only things taken were supplies. Following a trail south from the farmhouse they discover a small band of goblins huddled around a fire on the edge of Dimshadow Woods. The goblins admit to the raid but only because they are starving. A large furry beast with claws has run them out of the cave they call home. They promise there will be no more raids if the cave is cleared. The heroes march dutifully into the woods for a couple hours when they hear tipping to their left. A band of kobolds have a cave surrounded. After vending off the dog-like creatures, a wounded wolf is found inside guarding a dead elf. Roderick heals its wounds and it accompanies them on their journey. The party continues down the trail and eventually comes across the goblin’s cave. A large brown bear approaches behind them after they enter and is quickly decapitated by Emerick. With the bear’s head as proof, the goblins return to their cave. The party returns to town to give the mayor the good news.


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