States of Enchantment

Where Madness Dwells
Barrack has been committed to the Aptos asylum due to madness. What caused it, and more importantly what strange things are happening inside, remains to be seen.

A noble hires the party to defend him from assassin’s. They’ve already killed two other people and claim to have been sent by Barrick. Part of his madness probably. Party investigates the two murder sites and Emerick scrapes some poison drops into his flask. They arrange to be at the noble’s home Sunday night when the next attack is expected.

The heroes go to the asylum as official deputies under the guise of an inspection.

A Thief In the Night
A long journey back from Angene sends our heroes back to Aptos for some research, but things are never simple.

Once they arrive back at the elf camp, Berin sends them to Aptos to do some research on these half-researched spells they’re finding to see if they can learn anything about the imprisoned god of nature. On the way there Adara informs them she is ready to return as well. They bring her back to Aptos. Half of the party goes to Hamburn to check in and learn that dead circles are appearing NW of town. They investigate and find a circle of stones in the hills. The stones have markings on them that are similar to the spells they’ve found. They begin training the Hamburnites how to deal with the faceless. Meanwhile in Aptos, as Akyrin and Emerick are walking to the mage guild they hear rumor on the streets that someone stole an artifact from the church of Pelor. They carry on with their business and go to the mage guild. The leader offers them full access except to tue restricted room. Akyrin tries to break in and gets paralyzed. Emerick takes her to tue church of Pelor to be healed. While there they meet Sir Derrick who has them investigate the theft. They find some ratted hair stuck in the basket the relic was hidden in.

Adara finds the party on the street and begs them to get Barrick out of the mental hospital. He was commuted shortly after they all left.

The Wonderful Wizards of Angene
A simple trip to bring some rescued prisoners from a faceless conversion facility? Not likely. Enter genie.

PLAYERS: Jordan, Josh, Tarvis, Tyler

As they escort the rescued prisoners from the conversion complex to Heartknell, a Genie appears and whisked four of them away to Angene, Cale’s and Emerick’s home. An army of air elementals is attempting to bridge the gap between the planes and Cale’s family sword seems to be the key. Turns out it was made hundreds of years ago the last time this happened. The party ventures to the Plane of Air and kill the prince orchestrating everything. Cale and Emerick are accepted back into their military positions, but they decline and return to the party with Oren and Charn.

We Are the Brute Squad
The faceless have been chased north to a small stand of trees. One of them seems to be a door to something deeper...

Descending the stairs in the tree the party discovers several rooms that seem to be classrooms. One is holding class. It’s the faceless using propaganda to convince everyone that Obad-Hai is not the true god of nature. That he imprisoned his brother and they are trying to release him. They free the prisoners and kill the faceless. Neera talks to a patrol and they take her to see the leader of the facility. A trap is set and the party dispatches of the guards. The leader is accompanied by two trolls that the party swiftly segregates and eliminates. They return to the elf camp with the news.

A Journey Home
Working for Berin sends the party to investigate a spot on the plains, but an unexpected visitor changes their plans.

Their training complete, Berin sends the party to the plains to investigate a location at which several of the faceless have been seen. On their way there Neera spots smoke coming from her burned down village and rushes to investigate. There she finds Thersas, her intended over her father’s grave. They talk and reminisce a bit when all of a sudden his head snaps up. He had a spell cast so he’d always know if their new village were in trouble. The party rushes with him to their aid and fight off several faceless that have laid siege to it. That night there is a celebration in their honor. In the morning they go to the spot Berin wanted them to investigate. They see a glimmer in the mountains to the south and two figures running north in the distance. They follow the figures and find themselves entering a stand of trees. One tree opens to reveal a secret staircase leading down into some facility.

Where the Wild Ones Are
The second rendezvous point on the map indicated an elven basecamp located within the forest just northeast of Aptos. According to the letter there is an elven basecamp there.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

Our party goes next to the elven basecamp indicated on the map. They are greeted with drawn bows by General Berin of the Shalas elves to the east. Berin brings them into the camp and shows Oren and Charn to Izumi, the leader of their tribe. Berin then puts them through a training excerise involving some illusionary enemies, one of which is Izumi. Oren and Charn rush to her defense until they realize she’s the enemy. The lesson being: Anyone you knew could be on their side now.

Beneath the Lich Lily Bog
The faceless felled on the road left a map marking a location in the Lich Lily to the east. Lizardfolk and musty ruins hide something much more interesting.

Our heroes encounter several lizardfolk in the ruins. In the back of the ruins they find another yellow-eyed humanoid poring over tomes apparently trying to create a spell. They also find a hidden room with a tome on a pedestal. After defeating the outsider that appears when they open the tome they read it. It seems to contain several prophecies. Most of them are mundane, but one mentions a very dark time that is to be approaching in a couple years.

Where Do We Go From Here
Barrick, protected from the attempt on his life, hire's our heroes as escorts to take his lovely assistant Adara on a diplomatic mission.

Barrick has the party take his assistant, Adara, to Heartknell to negotiate the second phase of his plan. On the road the party hears a fight in the forest on their right. They ignore and keep riding forward. A little ways up the road two humanoids with glowing yellow eyes emerge from the same forest and spot the wagon. They attack. The party kills them and finds a letter warning the recipient to be careful if he goes to the spot on the attached map located in Marynmar, the Lich Lily Bog. It also mentions a rally point in the forest near there.

The party continues and drops Adara off at Heartknell. She tells them it could be a while and she’ll get in touch when she’s ready to return to Aptos. Neera and Oren go to Neera’s old, burned-down village. After that the party goes to the swamp location from the map and find some ruins.

High Society
Due to the quality of their work with Sir Derrick, a local politician, Barrack Amabar, hires our heroes as security for a gala.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

When our intrepid heroes next meet with Sir Derrick he informs them that a noble has taken note of their expedience and expertise and wants to hire them. His name is Barrick Amabar and is a notable politician in Aptos. He has a grand vision that will set the stage for unification of the states in Hiraan once again. The first phase requires a trade embargo be issued against Valt, the country to the south. He’s received several death threats since the embargo was enacted and hires the party as security at an upcoming gala.

Roderick poses as a statue and the rest of the party mingles. During Barrick’s speech the attack happens. Akyrin had gone outside with a man she noticed was carrying a dagger. When the attack happened he draws it and heads inside. Akyrin stabs him in the kidney and joins the fight. After fending off the attackers Barrick notices the stabbed man and rushes to him. He was a friend and was going in to help. Barrick thanks the party and asks them to return the next day; he has another job for them.

A source has revealed the location of the thieves guild. Our heroes and Derrick decide to storm it and are met with surprising preparedness.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Stephen, Tyler

The party and a contingent of guards under the command of Sir Derrick head into the sewers toward the thieves’ guild. Unbeknownst to everyone, Akyrin has gone ahead and disabled all of the traps. When they arrive at the guild they are met with several thieves poised to attack, but waiting for the command of Kywin who is standing behind a pair of barrels. She thanks Akyrin for warning her that the cops were close to finding them. The museum heist was a signal. Kywin was able to get a majority of their supplies and goods moved. She says her farewells and ducks down a hallway while several flaming bottles of alcohol are lobbed at the intruders from the bar. The two men in the bar throwing them at the party are quickly removed by a firey blast from Emerick causing the bar to erupt in flames and throwing the two thieves from it.

The party and guards quickly deal with with the thieves. in the main room. The guards begin scouring the area while the party chases down Kywin. They find her in a storage room filled with a maze of crates. She talks to them while they search the darkness for her. She tells them how she is on their side and trying to do what she can to help the city. They don’t understand how bad the crime would be without her there to keep it in check. She knocks out Akyrin and Emerick before fleeing the room. While she is taunting the party her second in command, a vicious looking human, is busy trying to destroy Oren and Roderick. They take him down and chase Kywin out of the room. She has knocked out two of the guards stationed in the main room and escaped through a secret door down the other hallway. The party follows her up the long, ascending hallway behind the door and appear in a warehouse. There is no sign of Kywin.

Derrick thanks the group for their help despite the fact that they were unable to capture the leader. He thinks the city will be a better place.


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