States of Enchantment

History and Mystery

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

Our intrepid adventurers take a brief respite after the arduous goings-on of dealing with the Eye. After purchasing a variety of equipment to assist them in their heroic travels, they then decide that it is, indeed, time to head for Falcon’s Rest. Their goal is two-fold. One, to collect the bounty for assisting in the destruction of the Eye that was laying waste to the city. Second, to assist Akyrin in dealing with some as-yet-to-be-disclosed issues from her past.

Not wishing to delay further, they decide to use the services of their incredibly able wizard, Ulhar, and teleport just outside Falcon’s Rest’s gates. Upon entering the town, they run into a graceful being, garbed in shining armor and radiating a sense of good, justice, and all around attractiveness. Her name ends up being Jez’ra, a Paladin of Heironeous. After being introduced to Roderick, she decides to accompany the party, since they currently seek answers in the same place, the Temple of Herioneous.

Akyrin, being familiar with Falcon’s Rest, shows the party to the Temple. Upon reaching their destination, the party discovers that the back half of the temple is in ruins, due to the (possibly) indiscriminate destruction that befell the city due to the Eye. Jez’ra asks to see Tom, the High Priest of Heironeous, in order to find out what happened to others of her kind. Tom tells her to meet him in two days, at which time he will regail her with all of the knowledge that he possesses on the subject. In the meantime, he suggests seeing the sights.

Having gained this newly acquired free time, Ulhar and Akyrin decide to go claim the bounty. Having forgotten that they were supposed to meet in a week (their journey taking them much shorter than they thought) they head to the city’s government’s offices. There they learn nothing, but realize that they had, indeed, been mistaken. They are to await contact with one Dryden Corsair.

The party decides to get some room at a local inn, the Beached Kraken. This ship-shape establishment seems to be able to house them comfortably while they take care of the various tasks before them.

Akyrin then decides to go off on her own, to seek answers to the questions about her past that have been troubling her.

Ulhar takes the time to gather some information about the various goings-on around town. He discovers that there have been some recent thefts of laundry from the areas surrounding the Beached Kraken. He also learns of some mysterious disappearances that have been occurring on the north side of the city. Also, Kragg’s Pit has been fined for the fighting that has been going on in the pit and is threatened with being forced to shut down. Also, THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN!!!!! for two weeks.

The party decides that they have earned some rest and relaxation, and while waiting for other events to take their course they think, hey, why not go see what’s going on at this circus. They enter a small tent and, shazam, as if by magic they are immersed in an area full of earthly delights. Roderick, Jez’ra, and Oren all try their hand at the ring toss and succeed, earning them some delightful trinkets.

They then come across a mysterious looking tent which ends up being the shop of one Madam Curio. This old crone proceeds to ask them if they wish to have their fortunes read. After Oren runs screaming from the tent some of the other party members agree to see if Madam Curio can indeed shed light on to their future.

Jez’ra: She is going somewhere hot in the future, with a lot of non-humans around. She is asked if she knows anyone by the name of Zizifrix (to which she replies no). She is told to “BEWARE THE FLAMES.”

Akyrin: Upon asking the location of her friend, Madam Curio reveals that she does not see Kane’s spirit in this world…. dundundun

Ulhar: Madam Curio sees Ulhar developing a much closer relationship with his god.

Oren (after recovering from his inital fear): Madame Curio sees him being reconnected with this leader sometime soon…

Finally Mandame Curio asks the adventurers if they would be interested in drawing from her DECK OF MANY THINGS…… of which a later journal entry tells the results.

After leaving Madame Curio, the adventurers decide to slough off some of the foreboding with playing whack a mole! Jez’ra sees that the carnie in control of it is rigging the game. Undaunted, Oren steps up and with an incredible feat of strength and dexterity manages to not miss a mole! His reward, a stuffed rabbit.

Finally, after their fun filled? evening, the group decides it’s back to the Kraken.

Oren decides to stake a watch out during the evening to see if he can discover the culprits that are stealing the laundry, lest the townsfolk be forced to walk around without their favorite breeches. During his stake out he notices two small, humanoid figures stealing the clothes off of the clotheslines. He follows, only too discover that it is a group of orphans that are stealing the clothing to use as pillows, blankets, and well, clothes. His heart weeps at the sight of the forlorn younglings, and he decides it is his duty to help them in their most dire of straights. He does what he can for them that night, and stays with them so that no harm shall befall them.

The follwing morning, Oren returns to the Kraken and enlists the aid of Akyrin (who is also saddened by the fate of the orphans, having been one herself) and Ulhar (who is also interested in seeing what being poor is like) to help those troubled souls. Oren spearheads the initiative, going to local bakeries in order to find employment for these down on their luck kids. He also enlists Akyrin and Ulhar in helping set up a sheltered area that is more “home” like, as well as supplying them with some food to get them through a couple of weeks. Their efforts are not in vain, and they alleviate some of the stress on the orphans…. and feel better themselves as a result.

During this time, Jez’ra and Roderick went to their meeting with Tom at the Temple of Heironeous. There, they learned many things that they then shared with the rest of the party. Apparently, Jez’ra’s and Roderick’s concerns about the Great War were indeed valid. They learned some of the history surrounding the creation of the Warforged. Apparently, King Shael, at the time of the War, constructed the Warforged with the assistance of his adviser Ghamilan (also responsible for the creation of the Eye of Al-Ghautra). The King controlled the Warforged though his scepter, and when he was assassinated at the war’s end, all of the Warforged shut down.

During this time, King Shael had a strict policy concerning non-humans. He required them to be strictly contained and submit to a census. This was coupled with the disappearance of many non-humans, which oddly coincided with the creation of the Warfoged… perhaps they were connected?

It is believed that Ghamilan has not met his end, and rumors abound that he is in some way connected to this devil that Tom alludes to. Jez’ra has a flashback confirming this. She, in fact, has been reincarnated to see about the Al-Ghautra – Ghamilan – devil connection. Perhaps the disappearances in the north of Falcon’s Rest are somehow related?? Will we ever know!!!? We shall find out (When Brianna concludes this part of the tale).

Rest of session summary to be filled in by Briana

And Then There Was Fire

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Coleton, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

Oren donates time to the needy

Akyrin requests to go Falcon’s Rest due to unresolved issues with the Assassin’s Guild, which is based out of the city.

Ulhar and Oren notice the Eye of Alghautra floating above a mountain top to the Northwest.

The party goes to Ser Derrick to tell him what is happening. He already saw it and also hired a man named Maldrin Stormsky, a snow elf who can help with the snowy travel.

Ulhar teleports everyone to a snowy path some ways below the peak of the mountain. Part way up the mountain, a worked cave appears along the path. Maldrin believes this to lead to the top, though it may contain some dangers, and is longer. Upon entry, it is clearly dwarven in structure. Further in, one path leads to a giant stone door, while the other goes up farther. Interested, Roderick explores the iron door and finds a metal statue wielding a tower shield and a great axe. Roderick informs the party that it is a warforged like him, and wants to repair him, as there is a giant gash from shoulder to hip on it. As he is repairing, Akyrin finds the skeletal remains of 2 dwarves and an elf in the room. Roderick casts ‘Make Whole’ which ignites the warforged’s glowing green eyes. The freshly repaired machine yawns and introduces himself as Leviathis. He tags along with Roderick since he is the only other warforged there, and he believes he is to follow him. Along the giant stone slab, it reads in Infernal, “Darkness Dwells Here.” The party then heads down the other tunnel and finds a staircase that leads up. Checking for traps on the way, Akyrin finds one that would impale the first person up, and disables it. As they climb, they see sunlight.

As they exit, they see four people looking over the cliff’s edge with their back to the entrance to the cave. An elf in silk and cloth garments, a dwarf and halfling in metallic armor, and 2 humans in leather. Spotting us, one of the men turn to the group and tells them to be quiet, and that there is a bounty sent by Phaedrus in Falcon’s Rest. He informs the party that there are at least 10 enemies above them, on the mountain’s peak. Akyrin and one of the humans look up over the lip giving them cover and see a Blighter touching a large stone. Around him is 6 other humanoids and 3 wolves. She informs the party of what she saw, and Wendy the elf helps plan a strategy.

Hidden to the blighters, Akyrin attempts to assassinate one, though she misses. Ulhar then teleports everyone into combat. As he does this, a wall of flame erupts in front of him and he teleports past it. Leviathis charges the Blighter channeling in the orb, though he is ignored. The party spots something in the sky flying towards them. They finish the last of the Blighters when a white dragon lands, and the party flocks towards it to kill it before it has the chance to do the same. Leviathis proves his battle prowess when he slams the dragon’s head into the snow and decapitates it in a single stroke. With everyone in the party surviving, the roguish human tells them that they can have half of the bounty if they meet them in the Misty Dog Inn in Falcon’s rest.

Over the River and to the Woods
After the flood, Sir Derrick calls on our heroes to act as diplomats and go to Valt to ease tensions over the trade embargo.

PLAYERS: Bill, Josh, Stephen

Roderick acts quickly and controls the water around the edge of Hamburn long enough to allow the residents to evacuate. They all head to Aptos as refugees. Esmeralda finds them and hangs out, showing them two weird orbs she found in the rubble of the asylum. Doesn’t know what they are (or that there are 5 of them). Sir Derrick approaches with another job. Valt, the country to the south, has advanced their army as a result of the trade embargo. Aptos needs someone to go talk them down. He brings out Ulhar Levathix, a dragonborn wizard of Bahamut and a teleportation specialist. Oren is entranced. Ulhar teleported them to near the army’s camp and they walk in. The Valtese commander tells the party they’ll consider leaving if they help get rid of some bandits. The party sets up a fake caravan, follows the bandits to their cave, and eliminates them. The commander agrees to withdraw his army if the embargo is lifted. The party returns to Derrick with the news.

The Ritual
Black clouds can be seen over the circle of summoning stones.

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

The army marches into the hills and is ambushed by kobolds and hobgoblins. The heroes take on two faceless in addition to this threat. Akyrin sees one up on the hill and sneaks behind it. Unfortunately she doesn’t see the 15 hobgoblins camouflaged near him. The battle begins. The faceless fly up into the air and protect themselves with wind walls as they throw lightning down at the party. Emerick is felled by a hobgoblin blade. The party eventually eliminates the opposition and carries on to the ritual site. Phink gathers Emerick’s ashes into a bag.

At the site three blighters are praying over a stone tablet while a few more are guarding the perimeter. The party lays into them with rage over their fallen companion. In the middle of the fight the faceless finishes his chant and everyone stops as the clouds above darken even more seeming to absorb the small bit of light in the area. A great flash and thunderclap explode down, blinding the faceless and Akyrin. In the tablet lightning writes out “Revenge is a bitch, isn’t it?” One of the faceless runs off. The lead faceless curses someone named Jasmine as he fights the party in a rage to his death.

As the party heads back to town they can hear roaring female laughter echoing off the hills around them.

Back in Hamburn a celebration is held. The heroes are all named Ruathar, or elf-friends by Berin. All except Roderick who he views as just a golem. Around dawn a shout can be heard echoing off the mountains to the west. A short time later the ground begins to rumble. Looking out the west gate Neera sees a rushing wall of water heading straight for the town!

This is What We've Trained For
Everyone says their prayers as the army's front lines crest the hills northwest of Hamburn. The valley will run red this day.

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

The epic battle ensues. Waves of monsters charge down from the hills northwest of town. Our heroes have rallied their armies and lie in wait. Two catapults are prepped as well. Hill giants are hurling boulders down from the hills. Thersis is very nearly slain. At the end of the day the battle is won, although with half as many men standing as there were at the start. Black clouds appear in the hills, presumably over the ritual site.

Just Over the Next Ridge
Following the faceless' trail north leads to a heart-sinking discovery: a ragtag army under command of the faceless.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh

Following the faceless north leads the party to a small cave. Inside are drawings depicting scenes from the Great War when the warforged ravaged the countryside. An ogre inside talks with Emerick about it for a bit before attacking them with the intention of presenting their heads as a gift to the faceless so he can be a general in their army. They dispatch him easily.

As the party crests the last hill they see a massive army camped out. Ogres, a few giants, wolves, faceless, goblins, and other creatures are all waiting to march. Several faceless carry a large stone tablet into a tent. They run back to Hamburn to warn everyone and prepare their armies. Letters are sent to Berin and the elves, the wizards of Angene, Aptos, Heartknell, and the Cathar. Plans are made for the imminent battle.

Crop Circles of Death
Our heroes receive a letter from Hamburn. It seems that the circles of dead vegetation are getting closer to town.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

The party receives a letter from Hamburn requesting their presence because the crop circles are getting closer. The party rushes off to help and investigates into the hills. The ritual stones have seen traffic, but no one is currently there. Smoke rises to the southwest. Investigation shows that a group of goblins has setup camp there and a faceless is among them. Emerick and Phink approach the goblin leader and ask to speak to the yellow eyed man while the rest of the party waits around the edge of the village. A fight ensues and the faceless is slain. The goblins swear fealty to Emerick; however, when they learn that Thrask One-Tooth and his goblins are also allied with him a fight nearly breaks out. Emerick is able to keep thing sfrom getting bloody for now. Checking back in with the goblins left at the ritual site reveals that a faceless came over the hill from the north and promptly left when he saw the goblins sitting in there. The party gives chase.

A Den of Stinking Evil
The assassins have been dealt with, but where did they come from? And why does Kywin want them dead?

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

The party explores the basement of the warehouse since the assassins are dead. They find a letter written to the assassin’s by someone with the initial K. There is a tunnel they follow that leads outside the city walls. The party heads back to the city above ground and goes back to the warehouse. Akyrin follows a suspicious looking guy back to the tunnel entrance. The party jumps him in the warehouse and tortures him for information. He reveals that the guild leader’s name is Kane before Roderick mercifully smashes his face in.

Kywin meets the party there and pays them for their help by giving them information about the relic that was stolen from the temple of Pelor. The two people who stole it had glowing yellow eyes and traveled west from the city. The relic is part of a massive diamond that conjures the Burning Eye of Al Ghautra which allows the wearer to see great distances and burn whatever they look at.

Emerick calls a guard, and the guard chases Kywin away.

Plot and Poison
Assassins have been hired to eliminate several politicians. Two have already fallen. Cann they protect the third?

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Stephen, Tarvis

More investigation into the assassinations ensues. The heroes setup to defend the noble and, just as expected, the assassins come. They kill a few guards but the party is able to chase them off. Oren follows one as he runs the streets while Emerick tortures the other. They don’t learn anything from the torture, but oren finds their hideout: an old warehouse on the edge of town.

When they return to the inn they find a note from Kywin requesting a meeting. She wants them to deal with some assassins (the same ones they just fought off). They’ve been pestering her organization.

The party goes into the warehouse and kills all the assassins.

Where Madness Dwells, Part 2
The asylum seems fairly mundane at first, but a violent scream sets the staff on edge and the party is escorted outside.

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Jordan, Josh, Stephen

They don’t see barrick and are ushered outside after a scream emerges from the depths of the building. The party isn’t allowed inside again. Akyrin climbs a tree to attempt to see into a window on an upper floor but doesn’t glean anything. Back at the inn the bartender tells them he knows a guy who escaped from there and puts them in touch. That night the man leads them through the graveyard to an old sewer entrance.

They follow the sewer to a room with a hole in the ceiling that opens into the kitchen. They explore and run into a golems guarding the stairs up. They also run into a nurse working on a wounded patient. She attacks them and they put her down and save the girl. on the second floor they encounter a crazed doctor and a strange operating room. The doctor seems to be dominated. They find barrick and a crazy scientist that wad supposed to calibrated a portal upstairs but just realized he screwed up the formula.

On the third floor they find the REAL doctor that hasn’t been seen for years. He’s locked in his room. Next they find some mind foayers who have constructed a portal in the last room. The heroes try to stop them but they open the portal, accidentally releasing a chaos beast that tears one of them to pieces. The party cleverly distracts the beast while Akyrin disabled the portal. Once it’s down the beast is sucked back inside and the whole building starts to rumble. The party runs, Emerick grabs barrick, and they leave the building. Roderick cannot maintain his balance and is instead blown clear of the building and nearly killed. They return barrick to Adara.


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