States of Enchantment

Reunion and Ruin

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Josh, Stephen

- end of cave they meet a war troll. Offers to let them go back and give up pursuit. Kill it and throw it over the cliff to drown.
- lose jasmine’s trail. Get jez’ra and Ulhar and go to Lyria to get him fixed. Opt to go through the old battlefield instead of around it.
- ragewalker fight
- get to Lyria. Two merchants arguing over whose shop jasmine stopped at. Knox breaks it up after oren rips down a sign.
- at temple they learn it’s a feeblemind spell on Ulhar. Priest notices Knox’s crest and asks where she got it and who she is. “i’m old, but i’m not THAT old. Knox was my great aunt from hundreds of years ago. Who are you?”
- interrogates Knox with zone of truth. Brings everyone back to the estate.
- oren turns into a small child. Knox regales everyone with her story.
- Jiilinath invites everyone to dinner. Reveals that he was her intended dragon.
- everyone sleeps. Goes shopping in the morning.
- at mage guild they learn that jasmine hired someone to take her to Falcon’s Rest. Roderick promised to bring them the body of an ancient sorcerer from the desert being kept at the museum there.
- when they get back to Knox’s family estate, they hear a roar that shakes the house from down the cliff. Jiilinath bursts out of the water with a kobold in his paw and drops it on the ground before them.
- tells party that green dragon to the south east sent minions to steal his clutch. They didn’t get all of them. Asks party to retrieve them so he can guard the family.
- his son, Talinthar, has already gone after them. He’s a rash child. Please see that he returns safely.
- party summons hoary boat to pursue the kobolds along the coast. They get off near where the kobolds docked and enter the forest. Walk for a couple hours when oren scouts and sees a large hill ahead. There’s a lake at its base as the kobold said.
- They hear a roar. Decide to camp for the night to prep spells.

Chasing Glory

PLAYERS: Briana, Josh, Stephen

- Fight guards at Jasmine’s mansion and go into cellar. Tunnel is full of zombies and they fight their way through to the trapdoor in the floor.
- trapdoor is an escape route that leads to some catacombs. Run through a room with names on the wall and into the next room. A black pudding is trying to get at something behind a fallen column.
- Knox’s shield is melted as well as Roderick’s heavy mace.
- can’t find anything behind the column. Nothing invisible, no secret doors, etc.
- next room there’s a cave-in. Start looking at coffins, maybe she’s hiding. Ray notices that the names are a memorial (like Vietnam memorial), and one is cut off by the back wall. He puts his hand through the illusion. Party steps through and sees a section of wall has crumbled revealing a large cave. Can hear water in the distance.
- travel through the cave, Roderick is pulled under by the stream’s current.
- After they make it safely across they see trolls and a balhannoth fighting. They are focusing somewhere deeper into the cave.
- when they notice the party they fight. Trolls are thrown in water to perma-drown.
- jasmine steps out and asks why they try to stop her. She’s bringing peace. No more war. No more homeless. A few innocents is a small price.
- party almost convinces her to give herself up, but her attitude snaps to cold and she sends the balhannoth at them.
- Knox challenges the beast. It grabs her and tears her apart while oren kills it.

Brainwash, Rinse, Repeat

Tell squirrel that if it sees Izumi, tell her they’re going back to Karn.
Back to Karn cave, Ray and Oren go to Karn to see if Jasmine is still there.
On the way into the city see 2 trolls arguing with 4 guards. Oren investigates and learns the trolls want to go in to see “her” (presumably Jasmine).
Ray and Oren learn that Jasmine will be here two more days.
On the way back to the cave they see a guard being carried in with a broken arm and bleeding. No trolls are dead on the ground outside of town.
Come back at night, dimension door inside city, and find an abandoned building to setup in. Ulhar is going to teleport Jasmine to the building and they’ll dispose of her.
Crowd gathers and at end of speech Ulhar moves forward as adoring fan. Jasmine catches his eye. He lunges and Desmond counters teleport.
Fight ensues, oren in solid fog, mob tries to grab Ulhar, ray scattered crowd, genevieve arrives and is paralyzed, Ulhar explodes someone with his quarterstaff and is then feebleminded, jez’ra stuck in electrical field, desmond teleports to the roof. Jasmine runs, desmond casts haste and another barrier, meanwhile devil flying after ray.
Desmond smashed into the wall. Jasmine looks horrified and retreats to her house. Oren chases. Everyone else chases.

Enter the Forge

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Josh

Farmer warns them about the battlefield and the dead that walk there.
Put Jez’ra and Leviathis behind wall of stone. They break out and are wrestled to the ground. Keep doing that all night until Roderick memorizes Break Enchantment. Free them from the spell.
Teleport to outside Lyria.
Talk to nobles in castle courtyard. Learn that almost no guards. Castle is a museum for at least 100 years.
Wine & Tabard inn
Get a room. Spend the night. Genevieve opens the wine and costs 10 more gold.
Take a tour of the museum. Oren not allowed in as dog. Ulhar pretends to be blind. Take Oren outside and come back as elf.
Wipes Ulhar’s face with his butt cloth.
They take tour. Learn that no one has sit on the throne for 400 years since King Shael except for Jasmine a few days previous.
Scout the outside and decide the wine cellar at the back of the castle will be closest to where they need to go.
Go back to their room and that night they go to castle and break in.
Go to basement and see conveyor belt room and hellfire forge. Decide to break it. Ulhar disingerates but doesn’t beat SR. It fucks them up they teleport out. Get healed by Roderick and next morning teleport back to castle and go to alchemist’s lab. See broken summoning circle like whatever was bound got out. Whole room is wrecked (room Jez’ra had her fight in). Ulhar finds a couple books about hell with margin notes. Some about how to make pacts with devils and one about hellfire engines.
Go back to room. Roderick, Ray, Leviathis, and Jez’ra are playing strip poker. Ray is losing.
Ran around castle doing detect undead. Ulhar rides Oren past tour group. Everyone’s jaws drop. Genevieve follows a few seconds later.
In throne room find a secret passage beneath the throne. Oren kicks the thousand year old throne out of the way. Genevieve freaks out. They fix the chair and Oren sets it down gently on top of them after they go down the escape route stairs.
Find zombies in the escape passage. 25. So Jasmine was here 2.5 days.
Follow tunnel out of town and up the cliff to the NW of Lyria.
Go get Leviathis and test the traitor king’s rod on him. Learn that it heals 3/day and can dominate and negative level to Ulhar when wielded.
Levathis says if Ulhar uses it again on him, he’ll kill him.
Argued about whether or not they could kill the forge.

Rescue Mission: Impossible

PLAYERS: Briana, Josh, Stephen

Egretor Falconsflight is a noble in the town. Owns a couple of the merchant vessels.
city used to have pirate problems but they’ve since cleaned those up.
still some minor smuggling and stuff in the docks district but not a lot of violent crime.
about 10,000 person population.
city called Karn
inn called stone diamond
Baergek is proprietor of the inn
Egretor Falconsflight is staying at the inn and has given his house to Jasmine while she’s in town.
Jasmine has an audience daily with the people of the city and takes ten back with her to spread her wisdom and make them missionaries of her glory to the rest of the world.
trolls in sea caves east of town down the cliff
dwarves live in the mountain southwest of city. series of caves and tunnels lead to a dwarven citadel under the mountain.
city has been prospering the last couple years because of a large vein of ore the dwarves found.

Scry on leviathis through his axe. See zizifrix turn them over to jasmine for time being.
See jasmine touch amulet to peoples’ heads and they collapse.
Ray completes cold fire cure and gives to Kayliss. He nods thank you. They get a house in FR.

Party ports outside of Karn. Izumi goes along and stays in a cave. Kaian stays behind at their FR base.
Party enters city and speaks with egretor about why he gave up his house. Feeds them same old story that she’s awesome.
Go see jasmine speak. Robed man, jez’ra, and leviathis are with her. Robed man levitates her so all can see.
Next day party casts wall of dispel to try and break spell over jez’ra and levi. Fails. Robed man becomes cautious and they proceed carefully. Party hides then goes to egretor’s house to see what’s up with ray dressed as jasmine. He somehow fools everyone.
Servant escorts them to the basement. Plain stone room, one chair, some paintings. Servant told she is to ascend as well. Ray suggestions her to forget everything. They find a trap door leading down into a zombie filled pit. Go outside to confront jasmine. Fight. Ray fears peasants. Desmond (robed man) turned into a goat. Jasmine teleports away with desmond in tow. Tells jez’ra and levi to fight. They are subdued and drug out of town.

Burying the Past


- Tom tells them to duck and bricks shoot out and knock down the warforged. Tom bullrushes Zizifrix down the hallway and tells them to run.
- They fight for a few seconds, get their weapons back, and get out. Rubble collapses on a couple warforged.
- Genevieve tries to attack Zizi, but can’t do it.
- They chase upstairs where the temple has come to life. Pillars are smashing more warforged into a pulp. Zizifrix summons his malebranche cohort who almost kills Tom.
- Oren, Ulhar, and Izumi are walking by the church and join in.
- Ulhar almost dies from malebranche.
- Ulhar dismisses malebranche, Zizifrix teleports away but says he’ll be back.
- Party helps Tom clean up the temple and dispose of the bodies appropriately.
- Party decides to ditch the arm part of Jez’ra’s armor and get her a new one so the tracking device is gone because Ulhar couldn’t dispel it.
- Go to the river NW of Hamburn and bury it about 6 feet below the river’s bed.
- The whole area is still kind of marshy and the buildings are kind of torn apart, but it could be livable. People have been in the city since they left.
- As they are about to finish burying it the bracer glows once again. They hurry to bury it and as they are walking out of the river Zizifrix appears with more devils.
- Jez’ra, Leviathis, and Oren run to Ulhar and Genevieve with their arms stretched out. Ulhar casts all but the last word of the spell, but just before their arms touch, Zizifrix fires a green ray of energy at the party.
- They appear back in the Beached Kraken… but Jez’ra and Leviathis are not with them.


PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Stephen

- Genevieve, Kaian, and the 6 rescuees arrive.
- Ray and alchemist screwed up the first batch of antidote, need one more day.
- Roderick and Genevieve go to St. Cuthbert’s temple.
- Hank, high priest, suggests they find out what exactly the rod is capable of. Says he’s not sure why Jasmine is so worshipped, he’s never heard of her. They talk about Ghamilan.
- Jez’ra goes to Tom, priest of Heironeous, explains recent things and he offers to help bring some clarity to their problems.
- Meet up at Beached Kraken. Get message from Ray re: need one more day. Go to Heironeous.
- Tom takes them into basement and explains astral projection.
- Activates device and they go to astral sea to explore memories.
- Jez’ra learns that her Holy Quest was to stop the devil Zizifrix from ruining the world.
- They learn that there is indeed a forge in Lyria beneath the castle that manufactured warforged.
- Roderick learns that he was on the strike force that Jez’ra lead. He was also one of the first four warforged.
- When they come back to reality warforged are around them, they’re disarmed and Zizifrix tells them to get in the portal he’s made. Thanks Jez’ra for helping him find them.
- “How did you get in? This is holy ground!” … “Not anymore.”
- Tom mutters a few words as Roderick turns toward the portal and the temple begins to shake.

The Sun Rises

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Jordan, Stephen

- Dras killed innocent people
- Jez’ra did not flip out enough
- Roderick used true seeing to see door hidden by stone illusion
- Leviathis, Roderick, and Jez’ra fell through the stairs
- Into sewers and found troglodytes doing ritual of purification
- Allowed them to finish and then paid with heavy mace +1 to pass unharmed
- Told them which way vamps went
- Found vamp nest and cleaned it out. Kane burst in half way through pissed off.
- Party killed him then chased his mist down the hall.
- Oren used stone shape to clear the debris in the tunnel leading to the mansion.
- Came out in coffin room and Oren used stone shape again to tear Kane’s coffin open.
- Jez’ra straddled him and super glowed, turning him into dust.
- Party found a vial with 2 drops of coldfire in it.
- Akyrin disappeared. Rest of party walked back to town
- Dropped coldfire off at Alchemist’s and then went to Beached Kraken.
- Slept in two rooms. No attack.
- Jez’ra’s arcane mark on her arm glowed. remembered seeing it on Zizifrix’s bracer in hell.
- Next morning bartender handed party a note from Akyrin saying “be back soon.”
- Jez’ra talked to museum curator about the mark on her arm. Roderick went to the temple to pray. Ray and Oren went to alchemist’s.

Drug of Choice

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Josh, Stephen

- Go to mansion and check out basement, kill ghoul mankirk.
- Go down tunnel and 30 minutes down find a collapse.
- Akyrin finds a gold ring on a finger in the rubble. Roderick takes it to return to the widow.
- Oren unable to trace the tunnel above ground.
- Return to the Beached Kraken. Receive a note re: the festival in their honor for stopping the eye. Since they failed to show up it has been rededicated to Jasmine and will run for the next 3 days.
- Ask the bartender about her and he basically just says “she is great and beautiful and will unite us all.”
- Party goes to sleep.
- Next morning they go to the festival.
- Party asked to reveal the statue and it looks like Esmeralda.
- Go to Larz Hinnigan’s and try to find vamps unsuccessfully.
- After asking around they find a vamp den that sells bites as a drug.
- Dras, Akyrin, Ray go in to explore and buy a dose, Akyrin sips off and explores. Finds blood packets and a deserty room.
- They leave and return to kill everything. Clear out desert room. Hear more things coming for them.

A Dark Night

PLAYERS: Briana, Bill, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen, Jordan

- Fight Kane.
- Kane almost killed but escapes.
- Returns and kills Roderick, Akyrin chases but can’t find.
- Oren raises Roderick as a half-elf.
- The following morning Roderick gets a suit of FP +1 from the church of St. Cuthbert


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