States of Enchantment

Prison Break

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Josh, Stephen

- Ulhar and ray attuned the crystals to the portal
- open gate to plane of fire
- salamander comes through, genevieve destroys it, and oren shoots it back through the portal using a column of stone.
- demons and devils fight outside. Oren propels jez’ra up on a 20 foot pillar, casts celestial brilliance, and hurts all the outsiders beating down the walls.
- next portal opens to pandemonium and knocks everyone back with a howling gust of wind.
- oren etexts stone columns as the walls get torn down.
- next portal opens to mechanus. Two inevitables look terrified and try to keep anything from coming through.
- three smaller demons band together and morph into a huge Goristro. Starts destroying walls.
- demons break through. Oren, genevieve, Roderick, and jez’ra hold them off.
- ray is grabbed by a xerfilstyx. Genevieve taunts it and it carries ray around the side of the portal to get to her. Drops him at the feet of the goristro.
- next portal is outlands. Party decides to hold out for one more try.
- xerfilstyx grabs genevieve and sucks the blood out of her.
- goristro stomps and ray falls in a crack. Uses song of flight to get out.
- portal opens to Illistera.
- everyone escapes but genevieve, Roderick closes the portal and flies up.
- genevieve falls limp, Roderick slaps demon with harm and kills it, scoops genevieve up and flies off. Tries to grab the second crystal on his way up but drops it.
- gets off the planet with wind walk and makes a fire with genevieve to figure what to do next.

Dark Duelist

PLAYERS: Bill, Josh, Stephen

- Retrieved spindle from duelist in the street.
- Met with Felvrani at the Pit of Unmaking and traded the scepter for Genevieve while Vygar waited outside the city.
- Teleported to Vygar, Roderick cast Wind Walk, flew two worlds away to the portal.
- The planet the portal is on is covered with demons and devils.
- Hide in a rock formation near the portal to plan.
- Everyone but Ulhar flies to the portal, Ulhar dimension doors and then casts Wall of Stone while the others materialize.
- Hear the outsiders rampaging toward her.

White Knight

PLAYERS: Bill, Stephen, Josh

- Obtained Aziz’s spindle and killed him.
- Ghamilan stole their bag. Confronted him. He wants to help them kill Zizifrix.
- Exchanged the rod to Felvrani for Genevieve.
- Teleported outside town to Vygar and then windwalked to the portal two planets away.
- It’s on a blood war planet with devils and demons everywhere.
- Figured out how to use the portal from the codex and then windwalked to the portal. They materialized and Ulhar cast a wall of stone around them. They heard one of the outsiders say “They’re leaving!” followed by the sound of many footsteps running toward the portal.

White Mage

PLAYERS: Bill, Josh, Stephen

- Players infiltrated the headquarters of the White Hand archmage and stole a crystal spindle from around his neck.
Ulhar was level drained. Roderick didn’t have Restoration prepared, so they went to a market to find a scroll.


PLAYERS: Josh, Bill, Stephen

- Learn Felvrani wants scepter for Genevieve.
- Stake out Pit of Unmaking.
- Scope out Felvrani’s estate.
- Decide to deal with the White Hand before saving Genevieve. Going after the mage first instead of the duelist.

To Stain the White Hand

PLAYERS: Josh, Stephen

- Took 3 days for Vygar to get the map of the building.
- With the map, they teleported past the wall and outer guards.
- Vygar disabled a few traps then they reached the inner room.
- Had to sneak around the patrolling guards. Ray suggested to the one by the door that “The codex needs saving.” The guard summoned reinforcements and they saw the party as they were rushing to the book.
- Vygar triggered a trap that was marked in the wrong place on the map. Party got super pissed at him because it was an Incendiary Cloud, Acid Fog, and Cloudkill.
- Vygar tried to unlock the door while Ulhar tried to teleport everyone else out. Spell failed. Oren tried to Stone Shape the wall, but was unable to maintain concentration. Then Oren tried to conjure a column of rock to burst through the far wall but it wasn’t strong enough. Vygar got the lock on the second try and everyone stumbled gasping into the next room where the remaining guards were waiting. Disposed of them.
- Party found themselves in a giant planetarium, stars were circling around on the walls. A few platforms were floating above like planets around several stationary platforms with levers. There was a crystalline ball circling slowly on the ceiling and a huge, white, stone hand in the center in the shape of a fist. A small console was before it with an octagonal insert. Vygar informed them that it was a specialty key and he couldn’t pick the lock.
- Party pulled levers and mephits spawned everywhere. As they pulled them the crystal ball on the ceiling turned opaque. With the 8th switch, the hand opened revealing the codex they sought.
- Were originally going to just read the book, but things didn’t go very smoothly so they decided to take it instead.
- Got to where they knew a teleport would work and went back to their room. They found themselves in the next room over and in the hallway… not in their room.
- Went around and opened the door to their room to find that it was filled with the corpse of a brass dragon… Talinthar’s corpse. Genevieve was nowhere to be found.

A Den of Even Stinkier Evil

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Josh, Stephen

- Enter city, everyone stares at them. Genevieve walks as intimidatingly as possible. Pumps at a thug eying her and he flinches away.
- Jez’ra attempts to dissuade a man from a prostitute to no avail. Enter a tavern to gather info about a way off the plane. Jez’ra detects good and finds a janni that registers as good. He’s very rough, but seems willing to help. Sends them to a hole in the wall further into the city. Agrees to help them leave if they take him with them.
- The place is literally a whole in the wall that opens into a small establishment run by a tiefling who instantly snarls at Jez’ra. Tell him Vygar sent them and he says "of course he’d send me one of YOU (an aasimar). Charges them an absurd amount for a room.
- the next evening vygar arrives. Party gears him and the tiefling arguing downstairs about the group. They go down and the tail end of the conversation hear vygar say “you owe me.”
- As they go upstairs to talk vygar notices someone across the bar starting to leave. When they lock eyes the man rushes for the door but vygar catches him and draws a blade to his throat. Genevieve catches his arm and tells him to stop. “you are new here and naive. The White Hand has eyes everywhere. Either he dies now or we will in a day.”
- All go upstairs and interrogate the man. Says he doesn’t report directly to white hand. Runs a salvage business and trades a little information on the side. Briana: “i will kill you fucking yeah.”
- oren turns him into a dog and gives him to the tiefling.
- vygar explains that the portal out is controlled by the white hand and requires 2 keys to use. The keys move between the hand members according to a codex kept in one of their buildings. Can also learn where the portal will appear next as it’s random.
- Used to be just one portal guarded by the titans, but the energy has degraded and split over time.
- Is getting a blue print of the building and then they can strike.

The Sand Tombs of Payratheon

PLAYERS: Briana, Bill, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Our intrepid heroes examine their surroundings and see a planet-sized sphere about 300 feet above them. Ulhar informs them that this is the third layer of Carceri, one of the lower planes.
- Carceri is easy to travel to, but nearly impossible to leave (hence it’s nickname: the prison plane).
- Genevieve and Leviathis begin digging in the sand and soon find a sandstone roof. Oren punches through and the group descends into darkness.
- Repair a tapestry depicting an alien-looking centaur wielding a large axe. Ulhar deciphers the ancient script titling him as “Dargath, the King Slayer of the Clawed Ones.”
- They sleep in the ruins of the Sand Tombs of Payratheon. Leviathis keeps hearing things. They investigate and find nothing.
- After everyone’s asleep again, darkness flows through the room and the party fights a vasuthaunt which gets bored and flees.
- They follow it up a tower where sand has poured through a hole in the wall. Oren finds part of the wall with a large dent on one side (probably the outside).
- In the morning they use a tuning fork they found inside a throne to travel to Orthrys, the swampy first layer of Carceri.
- In the distance one direction they see the Bastion of Last Hope: A den of thieves and assassins built on a mountain.
- In the other direction they see the peaks of Mount Orthrys meeting in between the two planets at a massive white palace. Inside lives a race of titans lead by one named Cronus. They were banished from the material plane eons ago.
- Party decides to head to the Bastion of Last Hope to secure travel out of this plane.

The House on the Hill

PLAYERS: Briana, Bill, Josh, Stephen

Our intrepid heroes teleported to Falcon’s Rest in pursuit of Jasmine. They learned that she had come and gone while they were aiding Jiilinath the bronze dragon. For two weeks they pursued her around the great peninsula before they got a solid lead: She had gone home briefly. Home, they learned, was in the remote forests of the north. Beginning their journey in Hamburn they walked north through the forests for a day before coming across an old house built beside a pool of water.

The house appeared to be empty (Oren assumed the form of a doe and looked around). The vegetation around the house was dead and there was an eerie lack of animals. Inside they found Jasmine held motionless near a glowing ball of light. When Oren approached her the light grew rapidly. Soon the entire house was subsumed in white and shortly after, the vision of our heroes went black. They found themselves back in the foyer unharmed.

Exploring the house again, they discovered that a haunting presence had taken over the building. Several memories of Jasmine’s family were shown.
- Jasmine was one of three children. Her brother was born retarded, and her youngest brother Viktor was a still born.
- Her brother got in trouble in their father’s lab and broke several vials angering Arturius.
- Jasmine was seen cradling her brother while their parents shouted in another room.
- A female figure made entirely of blood attempted to drown them in a room as words in common and sylvan wrote themselves in the gore on the walls.
- In the secret basement a male necromancer, presumably Arturius, drove glass swords into a glass altar. Inside was Jasmine’s mother (a fey of some sort). Jasmine (as a child), was kicking and screaming trying to free her mother before the altar filled with her blood. The party stopped the ghostly ritual and the vision ended.

They awoke in the room in which they’d found Jasmine to find her gone. Meanwhile, Ray snooped through the house to make sure they were okay and saw Jasmine weeping at a grave near the pool beside the house. They rushed outside and quickly cast a spell to prevent her from teleporting away as had happened so many times. She didn’t seem to resist. She was distraught. When Jasmine learned that they had made it through the vision they she rushed into the house to the basement and began hacking away at the altar to no avail. She pleaded for the party’s assistance. They agreed as long as she would come peacefully with them for a trial. She agreed and her necklace glowed a sickly red in response.

Once the altar was broken and the tomb of dried blood had been chipped away Jasmine carried her mother’s body to the door and ordered Genevieve to move. She looked to Roderick who gave a nod. Jasmine carried the body outside to the pool and laid it in the middle, speaking a Sylvan burial rite as she did so. When she was finished Oren went and also said a prayer in Druidic. When he emerged from the pool Jasmine thanked him for his kindness… in Druidic. That being done, everyone circled up and prepared to go to Falcon’s Rest to deal with the matter; however, just before Ulhar was able to cast the spell, Zizifrix and his gigantic, winged minion appeared amidst them. Zizifrix shouted “ENOUGH!” and uttered single word rendering everyone present deaf and blind. All but Oren and Talinthar were paralyzed, but there was little they could do without their senses. Zizifrix ranted about how they were ruining everything, this was going so smoothly, the forge would be running, the Dark Queen’s plan was perfect, and IF they escaped it would be far too late to stop him. He turned and glared at Jasmine who ducked her head like a beaten puppy. While he was speaking, his guardian grabbed the party and threw them through a portal Zizifrix had opened.

When the party’s sight returned they found themselves in a deserted wasteland to the horizon in all directions…

For the Greater Evil

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Josh, Stephen

- oren turned into snake and scared kobold out of the tree.
- during kobold fight, dragons fell into the pond.
- oren grappled green dragon while Talinthar killed it.
- Roderick chased kobolds back to cave, everyone else flew there shortly after.
- saw huge green dragon and heard a ritual being performed.
- dragon turned around when oren cast a spell and they fought.
- lich directed kobolds to take the eggs through the portal at the back of the room.
- genevieve killed one of the carriers and egg rolled down the stairs. Dragon hovered to protect it.
- oren sand blasted carriers as they stepped through portal with the lich. Snagged the egg just before portal closed.
- genevieve slew green dragon after it declined her challenge “you’re no match for ME”
- downstairs found way more gold than they could carry. Jez’ra dragged into acid, but is immune.
- took eggs back to Jiilinath who was grateful they saved 2 of the 6.
- eggs are covered in a weird wax/amber that sucks the strength from those that touch it. Jiilinath is inspecting.
- party rests and then goes back to the cave to clean it out. Gets some gold and when they go shopping they found that most of it was gold-plated copper.
- Jiilinath performed a binding ritual between Genevieve and Talinthar.


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