States of Enchantment

To Stain the White Hand

PLAYERS: Josh, Stephen

- Took 3 days for Vygar to get the map of the building.
- With the map, they teleported past the wall and outer guards.
- Vygar disabled a few traps then they reached the inner room.
- Had to sneak around the patrolling guards. Ray suggested to the one by the door that “The codex needs saving.” The guard summoned reinforcements and they saw the party as they were rushing to the book.
- Vygar triggered a trap that was marked in the wrong place on the map. Party got super pissed at him because it was an Incendiary Cloud, Acid Fog, and Cloudkill.
- Vygar tried to unlock the door while Ulhar tried to teleport everyone else out. Spell failed. Oren tried to Stone Shape the wall, but was unable to maintain concentration. Then Oren tried to conjure a column of rock to burst through the far wall but it wasn’t strong enough. Vygar got the lock on the second try and everyone stumbled gasping into the next room where the remaining guards were waiting. Disposed of them.
- Party found themselves in a giant planetarium, stars were circling around on the walls. A few platforms were floating above like planets around several stationary platforms with levers. There was a crystalline ball circling slowly on the ceiling and a huge, white, stone hand in the center in the shape of a fist. A small console was before it with an octagonal insert. Vygar informed them that it was a specialty key and he couldn’t pick the lock.
- Party pulled levers and mephits spawned everywhere. As they pulled them the crystal ball on the ceiling turned opaque. With the 8th switch, the hand opened revealing the codex they sought.
- Were originally going to just read the book, but things didn’t go very smoothly so they decided to take it instead.
- Got to where they knew a teleport would work and went back to their room. They found themselves in the next room over and in the hallway… not in their room.
- Went around and opened the door to their room to find that it was filled with the corpse of a brass dragon… Talinthar’s corpse. Genevieve was nowhere to be found.



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