States of Enchantment

The Sand Tombs of Payratheon

PLAYERS: Briana, Bill, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Our intrepid heroes examine their surroundings and see a planet-sized sphere about 300 feet above them. Ulhar informs them that this is the third layer of Carceri, one of the lower planes.
- Carceri is easy to travel to, but nearly impossible to leave (hence it’s nickname: the prison plane).
- Genevieve and Leviathis begin digging in the sand and soon find a sandstone roof. Oren punches through and the group descends into darkness.
- Repair a tapestry depicting an alien-looking centaur wielding a large axe. Ulhar deciphers the ancient script titling him as “Dargath, the King Slayer of the Clawed Ones.”
- They sleep in the ruins of the Sand Tombs of Payratheon. Leviathis keeps hearing things. They investigate and find nothing.
- After everyone’s asleep again, darkness flows through the room and the party fights a vasuthaunt which gets bored and flees.
- They follow it up a tower where sand has poured through a hole in the wall. Oren finds part of the wall with a large dent on one side (probably the outside).
- In the morning they use a tuning fork they found inside a throne to travel to Orthrys, the swampy first layer of Carceri.
- In the distance one direction they see the Bastion of Last Hope: A den of thieves and assassins built on a mountain.
- In the other direction they see the peaks of Mount Orthrys meeting in between the two planets at a massive white palace. Inside lives a race of titans lead by one named Cronus. They were banished from the material plane eons ago.
- Party decides to head to the Bastion of Last Hope to secure travel out of this plane.



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