States of Enchantment

The Night Man Cometh

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Aspect of Bahamut helped the party travel to the fourth level of celestia to use the sacred pool to purify jasmine’s amulet. As a condition of helping them, he made them swear to not kill Tiamat.
- Roderick baptized her in the waters. She went limp in his arms. The amulet glowed red. The water around them turned black.
- Roderick and Jasmine were absorbed by the enormous monster of darkness.
- Leviathis slew the beast and Roderick and Jasmine fell into the dark water.
- The darkness coalesced into two large masses of souls, both dealt the killing blow by Akyrin.
- Ulhar absorbed the souls into the rod.
- Roderick saw an image of hell in the water as the darkness vanished.
- Also heard the echo of a voice that cut out saying “.. even you… stop… now.” It sounded like Zizifrix.
- Went back to see the Aspect of Bahamut. He told them they were not allowed to defile his temple with Zizifrix’s presence.
- He would open the portal in the water to hell and close it behind the party the moment they were through it.



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