States of Enchantment

The House on the Hill

PLAYERS: Briana, Bill, Josh, Stephen

Our intrepid heroes teleported to Falcon’s Rest in pursuit of Jasmine. They learned that she had come and gone while they were aiding Jiilinath the bronze dragon. For two weeks they pursued her around the great peninsula before they got a solid lead: She had gone home briefly. Home, they learned, was in the remote forests of the north. Beginning their journey in Hamburn they walked north through the forests for a day before coming across an old house built beside a pool of water.

The house appeared to be empty (Oren assumed the form of a doe and looked around). The vegetation around the house was dead and there was an eerie lack of animals. Inside they found Jasmine held motionless near a glowing ball of light. When Oren approached her the light grew rapidly. Soon the entire house was subsumed in white and shortly after, the vision of our heroes went black. They found themselves back in the foyer unharmed.

Exploring the house again, they discovered that a haunting presence had taken over the building. Several memories of Jasmine’s family were shown.
- Jasmine was one of three children. Her brother was born retarded, and her youngest brother Viktor was a still born.
- Her brother got in trouble in their father’s lab and broke several vials angering Arturius.
- Jasmine was seen cradling her brother while their parents shouted in another room.
- A female figure made entirely of blood attempted to drown them in a room as words in common and sylvan wrote themselves in the gore on the walls.
- In the secret basement a male necromancer, presumably Arturius, drove glass swords into a glass altar. Inside was Jasmine’s mother (a fey of some sort). Jasmine (as a child), was kicking and screaming trying to free her mother before the altar filled with her blood. The party stopped the ghostly ritual and the vision ended.

They awoke in the room in which they’d found Jasmine to find her gone. Meanwhile, Ray snooped through the house to make sure they were okay and saw Jasmine weeping at a grave near the pool beside the house. They rushed outside and quickly cast a spell to prevent her from teleporting away as had happened so many times. She didn’t seem to resist. She was distraught. When Jasmine learned that they had made it through the vision they she rushed into the house to the basement and began hacking away at the altar to no avail. She pleaded for the party’s assistance. They agreed as long as she would come peacefully with them for a trial. She agreed and her necklace glowed a sickly red in response.

Once the altar was broken and the tomb of dried blood had been chipped away Jasmine carried her mother’s body to the door and ordered Genevieve to move. She looked to Roderick who gave a nod. Jasmine carried the body outside to the pool and laid it in the middle, speaking a Sylvan burial rite as she did so. When she was finished Oren went and also said a prayer in Druidic. When he emerged from the pool Jasmine thanked him for his kindness… in Druidic. That being done, everyone circled up and prepared to go to Falcon’s Rest to deal with the matter; however, just before Ulhar was able to cast the spell, Zizifrix and his gigantic, winged minion appeared amidst them. Zizifrix shouted “ENOUGH!” and uttered single word rendering everyone present deaf and blind. All but Oren and Talinthar were paralyzed, but there was little they could do without their senses. Zizifrix ranted about how they were ruining everything, this was going so smoothly, the forge would be running, the Dark Queen’s plan was perfect, and IF they escaped it would be far too late to stop him. He turned and glared at Jasmine who ducked her head like a beaten puppy. While he was speaking, his guardian grabbed the party and threw them through a portal Zizifrix had opened.

When the party’s sight returned they found themselves in a deserted wasteland to the horizon in all directions…



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