States of Enchantment

Knockin' On Heavens Door, part 2

PLAYERS: Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Party gets into formation and prepares to hold off the second wave of demons.
- Leviathis’ squads take heavy casualties as a spined demon erupts in the middle of them.
Genevieve and Leviathis take out an enormous horned demon. Leviathis charges through its knee, bringing it to the ground.
- Dragons start swarming out of the portals. An odd fact because there are no demons in the abyss… suggests Tiamat’s involvement somehow.
- Oren goes toe to toe with a huge black dragon. Giants throw boulders at it.
- A green dragon bolts straight for the temple. Roderick tries to disintegrate it but the dragon shrugs it off.
- Dragon enters the temple. The PCs all break off and rush toward it to protect Kuyutha when a blinding, white light streams out of the temple. The green dragon shoots out flying for all its worth, but a beam of electricity races out after it, frying the creature to cinders.
- A platinum dragon steps out of the light and stands at the foot of the palace. it roars and the planar rips close.
- Oren stands dumbfounded.



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