States of Enchantment

Eye Spy

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Those on the material plane teleport, with Ghamilan’s help, to Falcon’s Rest planning to go to Lyria next so he can gather his notes about summoning Zizifrix.
- When they get to Falcon’s Rest the town seems deserted. No people are out and about like they should be around dusk.
- Walking through the streets to their house they encounter a beholder on the street.
- In the middle of the fight, Akyrin and Dras join the battle.
- Akyrin explains that it’s been 3 years in Illistera while to the party it only seems they’ve been gone a little more than a month. Beholders have taken over Falcon’s Rest.
- Akyrin learned that Jasmine’s blood, if ingested or put in a wound, ends her enchantment over that person.
- Party goes to the mansion outside town, where the party killed Kane, and regroup. They rest for the night and then go to the mage’s guild in Falcon’s Rest to attempt to find a Gate or Wish spell to bring back Roderick and Genevieve.
- Encounter some weird cultists with eyes in their foreheads that have beholder-like powers.
- Break into the vault, Akyrin disarms all the traps, and they loot the room of a lot of goodies.
- During the looting, Akyrin slips off…
- The lighting in the entire building dims and takes on a sickly green color. Everyone gets a bad feeling…



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