States of Enchantment

Eye in the Sky

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Scouted out the colosseum.
- Infiltrated up the main shaft with Jaasmine’s party
- Akyrin scouted, Oren grabbed a shovel and pretended to be one of the workers
- They battled a beholder and an umber hulk. Another snuck up behind them and one came down the ramp. Finished them off too. Oren surprised one from his slavelike position.
- Top floor, Ulhar teleported everyone within range. Oren punted an umber hulk off the roof with a stone column.
- Several disembodied eyestalks floated at the other end of the platform. Roderick cast invisibility purge and revealed the creature’s body… also revealing Jasmine who was invisible near her party with a wand.
- Oren cast rain of roses to draw the beholder out of his hut, but the rest of the party charged it and pinned it inside.
- Two beholders floated up the side of the building and attacked. Ulhar turned marut and dealt with one.
- The large beholder opened its antimagic eye, but Leviathis wrestled the giant beast to the ground and turned it around so it didn’t affect anyone.
- Once monsters were done, the party surrounded Jasmine and her friends. Her wizard companion was incinerated by one of the beholders leaving her with just three companions.
- She agreed to come quietly as discussed with the party before they got sent to the prison plane. As she agreed her amulet flashed red as it had done before.
- Everyone went back to the houses.



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