States of Enchantment

All Your People Are Belong to Us

PLAYERS: Bill, Josh, Stephen

- feel like something’s watching them.
- keep getting pricked as they walk past walls and rubble.
- hear a startled scream from the other side of the building. Investigate and find more cultists fighting ethereal snake robots. The vipers (vapors in a southern accent)!
- Ulhar finds a book that mentions the security system of snake bots can be disabled from the ritual room upstairs.
- find a beholder carving shapes into a glass floor and accompanied by the headmaster of the guild.
- Defeat them, but ulhar died because he cast dimensional anchor on the archmage who had spell turning up. Couldn’t jaunt from the disintegrate ray and turned to dust. Most of his equipment survived.
- returned to the mansion to figure things out. Oren and ray make a hidden lodge in the forest to get some quiet time.
- go through the bags of holding to see what they can do to bring people back. When they pull out king Shael’s rod, it’s glowing softly.



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