States of Enchantment

A Den of Even Stinkier Evil

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Josh, Stephen

- Enter city, everyone stares at them. Genevieve walks as intimidatingly as possible. Pumps at a thug eying her and he flinches away.
- Jez’ra attempts to dissuade a man from a prostitute to no avail. Enter a tavern to gather info about a way off the plane. Jez’ra detects good and finds a janni that registers as good. He’s very rough, but seems willing to help. Sends them to a hole in the wall further into the city. Agrees to help them leave if they take him with them.
- The place is literally a whole in the wall that opens into a small establishment run by a tiefling who instantly snarls at Jez’ra. Tell him Vygar sent them and he says "of course he’d send me one of YOU (an aasimar). Charges them an absurd amount for a room.
- the next evening vygar arrives. Party gears him and the tiefling arguing downstairs about the group. They go down and the tail end of the conversation hear vygar say “you owe me.”
- As they go upstairs to talk vygar notices someone across the bar starting to leave. When they lock eyes the man rushes for the door but vygar catches him and draws a blade to his throat. Genevieve catches his arm and tells him to stop. “you are new here and naive. The White Hand has eyes everywhere. Either he dies now or we will in a day.”
- All go upstairs and interrogate the man. Says he doesn’t report directly to white hand. Runs a salvage business and trades a little information on the side. Briana: “i will kill you fucking yeah.”
- oren turns him into a dog and gives him to the tiefling.
- vygar explains that the portal out is controlled by the white hand and requires 2 keys to use. The keys move between the hand members according to a codex kept in one of their buildings. Can also learn where the portal will appear next as it’s random.
- Used to be just one portal guarded by the titans, but the energy has degraded and split over time.
- Is getting a blue print of the building and then they can strike.



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