States of Enchantment

Through the Fire and Flames

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

The Night Man Cometh

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Aspect of Bahamut helped the party travel to the fourth level of celestia to use the sacred pool to purify jasmine’s amulet. As a condition of helping them, he made them swear to not kill Tiamat.
- Roderick baptized her in the waters. She went limp in his arms. The amulet glowed red. The water around them turned black.
- Roderick and Jasmine were absorbed by the enormous monster of darkness.
- Leviathis slew the beast and Roderick and Jasmine fell into the dark water.
- The darkness coalesced into two large masses of souls, both dealt the killing blow by Akyrin.
- Ulhar absorbed the souls into the rod.
- Roderick saw an image of hell in the water as the darkness vanished.
- Also heard the echo of a voice that cut out saying “.. even you… stop… now.” It sounded like Zizifrix.
- Went back to see the Aspect of Bahamut. He told them they were not allowed to defile his temple with Zizifrix’s presence.
- He would open the portal in the water to hell and close it behind the party the moment they were through it.

Knockin' On Heavens Door, part 2

PLAYERS: Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Party gets into formation and prepares to hold off the second wave of demons.
- Leviathis’ squads take heavy casualties as a spined demon erupts in the middle of them.
Genevieve and Leviathis take out an enormous horned demon. Leviathis charges through its knee, bringing it to the ground.
- Dragons start swarming out of the portals. An odd fact because there are no demons in the abyss… suggests Tiamat’s involvement somehow.
- Oren goes toe to toe with a huge black dragon. Giants throw boulders at it.
- A green dragon bolts straight for the temple. Roderick tries to disintegrate it but the dragon shrugs it off.
- Dragon enters the temple. The PCs all break off and rush toward it to protect Kuyutha when a blinding, white light streams out of the temple. The green dragon shoots out flying for all its worth, but a beam of electricity races out after it, frying the creature to cinders.
- A platinum dragon steps out of the light and stands at the foot of the palace. it roars and the planar rips close.
- Oren stands dumbfounded.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

PLAYERS: Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Step through the portal to Celestia and see hordes of demons moving on an enormous palace wedged between two cliff faces, blocking the trail up the mountain.
- Giants are throwing boulders and contingents of angels are desperately fighting back the onslaught.
- A huge winged dragonborn stands at the palace’s gates fighting back a hundred demons on his own.
- Party’s armies move out and eradicate the demon threat.
- Oren speaks to the dragonborn learning it is Kuyutha, one of Bahamut’s exarchs. Bahamut is away talking to Tiamat directly.
- Party agrees to defend the palace long enough for Kuyutha to summon Bahamut or an aspect of him.

Captain Platinum Dragon

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Party discusses the plan
- Teleports with Jasmine to Lyria
- Ghamilan has already begun summoning Zizifrix
- Zizifrix ends up in a summoning circle
- Ghamilan gives Ulhar the spell to summon Zizifrix and tells everyone to leave him alone for a year or two while he researches a spell to finish Zizifrix off for good.
- Party leaves him to his work and dimension doors into the warforged room past the Hellforge
- They rest for 8 hours
- Ulhar begins animating the army. Oren names each one by color and animal (400 total)
- Jasmine stops being cooperative and attempts to run out of the room. She promptly returns after being attacked by the hellforge.
- Oren wrestles her to the ground, Akyrin binds her in silk rope with a Use Rope check of 27.
- Ulhar puts her inside a wall of stone to contain her.
- Leviathis is dubbed Captain Platinum Dragon and begins converting to worship Bahamut. He is named leader of the army.


Eye in the Sky

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Chanell, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Scouted out the colosseum.
- Infiltrated up the main shaft with Jaasmine’s party
- Akyrin scouted, Oren grabbed a shovel and pretended to be one of the workers
- They battled a beholder and an umber hulk. Another snuck up behind them and one came down the ramp. Finished them off too. Oren surprised one from his slavelike position.
- Top floor, Ulhar teleported everyone within range. Oren punted an umber hulk off the roof with a stone column.
- Several disembodied eyestalks floated at the other end of the platform. Roderick cast invisibility purge and revealed the creature’s body… also revealing Jasmine who was invisible near her party with a wand.
- Oren cast rain of roses to draw the beholder out of his hut, but the rest of the party charged it and pinned it inside.
- Two beholders floated up the side of the building and attacked. Ulhar turned marut and dealt with one.
- The large beholder opened its antimagic eye, but Leviathis wrestled the giant beast to the ground and turned it around so it didn’t affect anyone.
- Once monsters were done, the party surrounded Jasmine and her friends. Her wizard companion was incinerated by one of the beholders leaving her with just three companions.
- She agreed to come quietly as discussed with the party before they got sent to the prison plane. As she agreed her amulet flashed red as it had done before.
- Everyone went back to the houses.

Planning the End of Days

PLAYERS: Bill, Josh

- debated whether to make ulhar a warforged or have bahamut resurrect him.
- had ghamilan teleport them to lyria to bring ulhar back as a warforged.
- went to ghamilan’s lab so he can figure out how to resummon zizifrix.
- scouted out lyria, it’s the same as falcon’s rest: everyone is just sitting and surviving.
- debated what to do with zizifrix, saving celestia, stopping jasmine, stopping ghamilan, and rescuing roderick and genevieve.


PLAYERS: Briana, Josh, Stephen

This happens parallel to the events of the campaign. players are basically playing out NPCs.

- archons protecting an angel bearing news from afar.
- escort her to celestia, but are pursued by a horde of demons. They decide to make a stand.
- temple priest casts a ritual to protect them until help can arrive.
- demons come wave after wave. Eventually the archons are overrun.
- as they slip out of consciousness they hear the angel say “we must go” and one of the demons say “the cosmos will feel the wrath of evil as he crushes the archons’ skulls.”

All Your People Are Belong to Us

PLAYERS: Bill, Josh, Stephen

- feel like something’s watching them.
- keep getting pricked as they walk past walls and rubble.
- hear a startled scream from the other side of the building. Investigate and find more cultists fighting ethereal snake robots. The vipers (vapors in a southern accent)!
- Ulhar finds a book that mentions the security system of snake bots can be disabled from the ritual room upstairs.
- find a beholder carving shapes into a glass floor and accompanied by the headmaster of the guild.
- Defeat them, but ulhar died because he cast dimensional anchor on the archmage who had spell turning up. Couldn’t jaunt from the disintegrate ray and turned to dust. Most of his equipment survived.
- returned to the mansion to figure things out. Oren and ray make a hidden lodge in the forest to get some quiet time.
- go through the bags of holding to see what they can do to bring people back. When they pull out king Shael’s rod, it’s glowing softly.

Eye Spy

PLAYERS: Bill, Briana, Coleton, Josh, Stephen

- Those on the material plane teleport, with Ghamilan’s help, to Falcon’s Rest planning to go to Lyria next so he can gather his notes about summoning Zizifrix.
- When they get to Falcon’s Rest the town seems deserted. No people are out and about like they should be around dusk.
- Walking through the streets to their house they encounter a beholder on the street.
- In the middle of the fight, Akyrin and Dras join the battle.
- Akyrin explains that it’s been 3 years in Illistera while to the party it only seems they’ve been gone a little more than a month. Beholders have taken over Falcon’s Rest.
- Akyrin learned that Jasmine’s blood, if ingested or put in a wound, ends her enchantment over that person.
- Party goes to the mansion outside town, where the party killed Kane, and regroup. They rest for the night and then go to the mage’s guild in Falcon’s Rest to attempt to find a Gate or Wish spell to bring back Roderick and Genevieve.
- Encounter some weird cultists with eyes in their foreheads that have beholder-like powers.
- Break into the vault, Akyrin disarms all the traps, and they loot the room of a lot of goodies.
- During the looting, Akyrin slips off…
- The lighting in the entire building dims and takes on a sickly green color. Everyone gets a bad feeling…


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